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The mission of LadyTitans is to empower and unite women in the trades through education, advocacy, and mentorship.  We break barriers, build connections, and cultivate a culture of confidence, respect, and collaboration in a predominantly male industry.


Education – We believe in the power of women to rise above challenges and soar to new heights in the trades. We’re here to provide the support, resources, and community you need to elevate your skills and your career. Together, we rise.


Mentorship – Our community of strong, women in the trades are here to inspire each other to reach for our dreams, break down barriers, and become a trailblazer in our industry.


Advocacy – We’re committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where your skills and expertise can flourish. With each other’s support, you’ll not only survive but thrive in the predominately male world of the trades.


Testimonials from LTs!

I love LadyTitans because of the amount of support we have for each other in the trades. I love hearing and sharing stories about day to day struggles we have not only in our trades but in our personal lives as well.The thing I love the most about LadyTitans is  Women empowering Women.I mean why haven’t you joined LadyTitans already once a month for an hour you can shut your door or unplug for some time with LadyTitans and their amazing speakers about topics that hit you like ” Wow how did they know I needed that?”

I love the support given from fellow LadyTitans!! The impact for me is making implementation of this program in the 1st year not so scary!!

The Monthly Meetings – The Lounge is awesome for learning and helping others in deferent scenarios, somethings we don’t currently use but I can apply to another feature within ST. The General Meeting is AWESOME to meet new speaker that pour into the members and have inspired me!

Others should join to learn and be inspired by fellow women in the trades. We are all in this together and if we listen and help then we all will grow brighter!

I joined LadyTitans while I was still new to my company. My boss encouraged me to take advantage of as many networking opportunities as I could. I am so glad I joined! I have learned a lot, but it just helps so much to know that there is a group of ladies that understand and are there for you no matter what! I really look forward to Lounge and our Monthly Meetings!

This group of ladies are inspiring, humble, honest, vulnerable and reallllllly smart! I’m honored to be a part of such an impactful team of women. They have helped me to push outside of my comfort zone by sharing their own personal struggles and wins. Everyone can benefit from knowing you always have someone in your corner and these LadyTitans show up!!

For me, I joined LadyTitans because we still deal with stigma being a woman in the trades.  I can’t recall how many times in my career I have had to prove myself simply because I am a woman.  One time I even had to use the line “I am a Red and Blue Seal Journeyman Parts Technician…do you want to see my ticket??” after dealing with one particular customer (I never had an issue with that one after that!).   I love that there is a group of like minds that have different perspectives on what we deal with not only in ST but in the various service industries we all deal with.  To have the support, encouragement and kudos helps so much.

I think the biggest and best thing to come out of my time with LadyTitans so far is the friendships. Yes we learn a ton, we teach each other tips and tricks, we design whole playbooks together, our teams are better for the guidance we take back to them but the friendships that form.. that is invaluable. I found my “home team” here. I moved companies based solely on a friendship I had started with a “guru” I met in the LadyTitan Facebook group! We got to talking and this amazing little company, that she had just joined, was growing like no other and they needed people on the team to make that happen and I needed a home that was going to support where I was trying to grow to. Being in this group and consistently showing support to others, in turn showed them I could be the leader I didn’t even know I was becoming. I still don’t know what that looks like but I know I have the support and guidance from some of the greatest leaders in my industry right here to lean on when needed.

The sense of community that is built within LadyTitans is nothing I have experienced in my 13 years in the trade industry, it’s a culture that is unmatched. The support and empowerment that comes with every post is almost magical! You can never go wrong by going to the community page and posting an idea or question. There will always be someone there to lift you up, shoot an idea, or offer advice and it’s always with a positive light!

How cool is it that women make up such a small portion of the trade world and yet we have such a concentration of the brightest and most powerful, right here! I feel honored to know you all!


Renee Lenox


Lauren Vahey

Vice President

Jessica Woodruff Smith


Danielle Combs


Angie Snow

Member Advisor

Brittany Burgess

Director of Memberships

Emily Fleniken

Director of Events

Krista Landen

Director of Marketing

Vicki Gibiault

Director of Partnerships/Sponsorships

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